Friday, March 25, 2011

The Best Designer are at Charleston Fashion Week

Featured Designer Troubadour

This designers showcase was made for women that like looking different from the rest.  She has a style that most people can only dream about, so if you can make these kinds of clothes why not at least have fun wearing them.  Check out the stylist vision of Troubadour:

Photographs by Ed Kavishe/    Photographs by Ed Kavishe/   Photographs by Ed Kavishe/   Photographs by Ed Kavishe/

If you aren't at Fashion Week then you're missing one of Charleston's best event of the year.  Don't wait until it's over come out and see the great fashion and the designers who make it happen.  Go by the style lounge check out the vendors and

Congrats to the Wednesday Night Emerging Designer Winner:  Cody Sai Adler-McAllister

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