Saturday, December 13, 2014

LOVE Letter to Pain

This is the LETTER to Pain that Every Woman and Man has felt when they Have a 

You came into my life when I didn't think I could LOVE again and you showed me things I would have never even taken a LOOK at if not for you.  You showed me the flowers in the forest and how to smell the roses with a passion know one else could have ever shown me.  I fell in LOVE with you from day one and I never looked by but you didn't realize that my LOVE wasn't about what you had or how other saw you.  You didn't understand that I don't care how others see you I just want to be with you but you could only see what was around me.  PAIN, I don't know if you ever really saw me for who I really was but I know now that there's know way possible that you saw me because if you had I wouldn't have a broken heart right now.  You have shown me the beauty in this world and you have shown me the sorrow an yet I LOVE you more than you'll ever know.  PAIN, I cry when I think about what we both have lost but most of all Pain I cry when I think about what you couldn't see right in front of you.  You said you wanted someone to LOVE you with there whole heart and that's what I did but you where to busy looking at what was around me to see what you had with me and now I'm left with a broken heart and a lot of sorrow.  While I wish you all the best in your life but I must tell you this you'll never find someone who will LOVE you through the GOOD and BAD times the way I have and would have because for me PAIN it was something I wanted to do.  Being with you wasn't BAD for me it was just a LEARNING experience, but I guess for you it was just something to do and that's way you could walk away feeling nothing.  PAIN, you've shown me how to LOVE because the next time REAL LOVE comes my way I'll hold onto it with everything in me and I want let go unlike you... Always remember that I didn't leave you PAIN you left me and though I don't want to LIVE my LIFE without you I must because you don't know how to LOVE me the way I need you to LOVE me.  Even though you have not a clue as to how much I LOVED you I hope one day you'll figure it out so LOVE can find you.  So even though you have given me a lot of pain I can still say that my time with you was a great time and I wouldn't change it for nothing in the world.  So, Pain, I want to say thank you for the lessons you show me and teaching me how to LOVE the right way for the rest of my LIFE...  I can now say I truly know what LOVE really is.  I wish you only the best in your LIFE...I know you don't care about what I've got to say but I needed to say it anyway...

                                                                                            With LOVE,


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