Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Good Bye Pain

Good Bye Pain

I've Loved you for so very long but I didn't Love myself so I couldn't show you how to Love me.  I can remember you telling me that I didn't know how to Love you and I finally realize that you where so very correct because how could I Love you in the way a person should be Love if I've never really Loved myself.  So I thank you for the lesson you give me on not Loving myself first now you may not know it yet but you where the one person that made me look at myself an make a change that will carry me through the rest of my Life.  So even though the things I didn't do right when you were hear I make a choose to change on purpose to be a great me in this the second part of my LIFE.  One of the greatest lesson I've learned is this "when you show me who you were I should have believed you" because you know you better then anyone else.  So thank you again Pain for showing me who you are and who I am... Life has shown me so much Pain and I didn't think I was going to make it through this last heartbreak but I realize now that this was a lesson I needed to learn in order to become a better person.  Now, I can say to you Pain and all of the other pain I have endure these pass few years I'm overcoming an I'm growing with and in wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  So, now I can say GOODBYE PAIN AND HELLO LIFE!!!  I'm on my way to a knew place where LOVE is easy and emotion comes freely because Chang makes it easier to do.  

Pain, I say to you that Life isn't easy but Oh God it is so worth have and through it all it makes everyone better.  So I say to you if you don't open your heart to really reserve LOVE you will always be alone or with someone who wants from you the one thing you can't give because you think that everyone wants those material things.  Pain you are a great teacher but because there's a God LOVE is a better teacher.  Pain you've shown me how to Love myself and Love with an open heart because every heartbreak is one great lesson that shows me how to Love the one who will LOVE me unconditionally with the Love I've alway needed and wanted.  I can say to you (Pain) now I'm at peace with you (Pain) because I'm at peace with myself now... Thank You Pain and Goodbye!!! 

To all "The Naked Truth Revealed" readers 2014 was good but 2015 is going to be GREAT!!!
So stay tune for a LOVE worth HAVING...

This is the last blog entire for this year 2014


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