Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shopping Tips For Department Stores

If it's A Big Ticket or Specific Item..

  • Become Friends with the Salespeople:  This will give you the connection to get phone calls, emails, and things being put aside for you just because the Salesperson knows what you like or may want.  By building this relationship you have the chance to sample things before they ever hit the stores floor.
  • Getting on the Different Stores Email List:  Being on the stores Email List you the chance to get notices of the store new items and any special they my be having on the things they want to get rid of.  So the Email List is another connection to the store and it's salespeople because you are the first people they think of.  
  • Attending Store Events:  It could be an opportunity for a mini-makeover or a shopping night out with the girls, when cosmetics counters bring in outside reps, participating shoppers are usually rewarded with extra deals and free samples.  The same is true when you volunteer for training day or night for the salespeople, because this is training for the staff to learn how to show off the stores inventory.
Department Stores offer promotions meant to buy store loyalty, such as generous gift sets and store wide rewards programs for credit card holders.  And, department stores always have help for your, because they want you to remember them when it's time for you to purchase items.  These are a few tips from Style by Constantine, LLC checkout their website at

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