Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Few Steps to a Closet Makeover

Clear your Cluttered Closet 

  • Your Wardrobe: For  each item in your closet ask yourself, a question.  Have I worn this item in the last 12 months? or Would I buy this today? If you answer "No" to anyone if these questions then you need to put it in your give away or toss depending on the condition
  • Make Your Space Easy to Use: Paint the inside of your closet with a nude or pale color so that your clothes stand out.  Maybe you could put a LED light strip in a darker closet.
  • Arrange It Like A Boutique: Most organizers will tell you to divided your clothes by items.  Put skirts with skirts, shirts with shirts and so on.
  • Get a System and Stick with It: Make sure your system suits your lifestyle or you'll never keep it up.  Realize that staying organized is a learning a habit and sticking with it at least 45 days.  This usually how long it will take to make a new habit.
  • Seasonal Update: Edit your wardrobe every season.  It will help you decide what new items you would like to have in your closet for the new season.  And, if you are always editing your closet you will always have something new to wear. 

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