Friday, May 29, 2015

Starting Over Is Easy BUT It's Worth IT

When I got married I thought it was forever but it didn't happen like that so I had to started over.  Now I didn't get a divorce my husband passed away but what I've learned is that if it's a divorce or a death it can fill the same way.  Women and Men have told me that it's worst when you have a divorce than when there's a death because with a divorce the person is still walking around where you can still see them all the time.  And when I thought about it I realized that these individuals were correct both divorce and death of someone you Loved hurts just as bad.  So, I started to ask questions about how hard was it for them to started over again and to my surprise a lot of them were having a really hard time at it...  Some couldn't rap there heads around the fact that the person they had Loved for such a long time wasn't there with them anymore... others where stuck in the position of they couldn't believe that the person they'd Loved for so long didn't want to be with them anymore for whatever reason... and then there was those who where still living like the person was coming back to them and then there was those who where like me that was just lost in the madness of there everyday lives...  Know matter what the situation was I found that it wasn't easy for all these individuals to started there lives over after they believe that they had found the Loves of there lives.  So I decided to ask some more individuals about "how they started over and how was it when they realized they had to started over in order to survive?"  And this is what I learned from them...

One woman told me that one day she woke up and Life had just passed here by and she couldn't remember years of her Life because she was going through the motions but not really living her Life. Once she realize that Life wasn't waiting for her to finish grieving her relationship she pick herself up and started one day at a time too Live the Life she had now not the Life she had with her spouse, partner, etc... it was had but day by day she got better until one day she was living and everything was normal again at least it was her knew normal an she was enjoying her Life again...  When I saw the smile on her face I knew that she was truly happy and it was worth all the pain she was feeling because she had made a knew friend (herself) and it was awesome. You see she knew that one she had to stop living in the pass with her ghost of the pass but she needed to live in her past with her reality which was that she was single and that wasn't going to change unless she got out and met knew individuals.  She knew it was going to be easy but it was truly worth the pain of starting over and now she's living everyday to the fullest because you can't depended on anyone to make you happy that's a job only you can do for yourself...  This is what she let me know she learn through the whole process of becoming the individual she is today... You see she had been a good wife, great mother, good sister, good daughter and a great friend to everyone in here Life but she had never spent enough time being great to herself so when she was left alone she was lost... thank God now she knows that she was never alone just a little lost...  You may say while what happen to this individual and how's her Life going now?  I can tell you that she is doing AWESOME and I know this because this woman is ME...  Lose isn't easy at all but you can overcome it and move pass it...

I've learn that things happen to you everyday and they will continue to happen but it how you as an individual handles them as to how they are going to effect you Life an so I say to everyone reading this you must LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH because LIFE is just to short to waste on what was...  I hope you enjoyed my Life Story an you come bad for more...  Be Blessed and Keep Your Head Up at all Times because you don't want you LIFE to pass you by....  SMOOOCHESSS!!!

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