Thursday, November 15, 2012

Save on Clothes

"Insider Tips for Your Favorite Stores"


1. SIGN UP FOR SALES ALERTS:  Most retailers have regular email alerts that let you know about sales (in-store and online), discount codes, contest, and more.

2. GRAB COUPONS: Never check out (virtually or in person) without searching for a coupon or promo code to get a discount or free shipping.  

3. SCOUR ONLINE CLEARANCE RACKS:  Many retailers offer deeply discounted items in sale sections on their websites, which can be a lot easier to go through than store racks. And you may find stuff online that you won't see in the stores.

4. TRY EBAY:  If you're seeking a specific item (used or new) say a little black dress from your favorite designer in a size 12 you might find it on for steal.

5. BE LOYAL:  If stores you shop have a free loyalty card, sign up to save. A good one: The Shop Your Way Rewards card nets you savings Sears Company.

6. BE A FOLLOWER:  Connect with your favorite retailers and brands on Social Media and you can get the first scoop on the latest sales, plus tips off to upcoming special promotions.

I hope this helps you find great savings on your clothes this season.

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