Thursday, March 1, 2012

Styles by Constantine brings a Deal to you.  For only $249 (Reg. $500) let our pros help you de-clutter your space and transform your house back into your home.

What you get with this Deal:

To breathe again, because help is just a click away! Do you feel like your home office is drowning in clutter? Is the thought of tax time sending you over the moon because your files are in disarray? Who has time to create a plan AND implement it?

Super-organizer, Michelle Forrester, and her team will interview you, understand your needs and how you work within your office or kitchen and they get busy setting that plan into action. She will provide her expertise and devote up to 4 hours organizing any kitchen or office (9x11). Initial consultation,
review of organizing items that will need to be purchased, shopping for those items if desired (you pay for them, of course), and coordinating your organizing goals! You may even purchase extra time if 4 hours doesn’t seem like enough.

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