Wednesday, March 7, 2012

De-Clutter Your Space

I was reading an article today and when I finished I realize that everyone has spaces in their homes where they hide clutter. It could be a small space like a kitchen drawer or a bigger space like your closet. These are spaces that individuals don't want anyone to see and, sometimes you may say I'll get back to that later but you never get back to it.  When you think like this you never get around to taken care of the clutter right away.  Then you'll look up one and find that the has grown and it's overwhelming and you just can't deal with it. This is when you need to think about a professional organizer because they'll be able to talk with you and put together a system that will work with your lifestyle.  Professional Organizer, don't have the emotional connection to the items in your space as you don't so they can see things you would never be able to see for yourself and that will pay off in the long run for you.

Here's a question, when you go into your closet can you put together an outfit in less than 5 minutes without second guessing yourself? Or do you have to change you outfit at least twice in order to find what still works for your body? If you find that this is you then we at "Style by Constantine" would love to help you get back on track. We have free consulation with one of our expert consultants.

Remember, a home without clutter is a well running machine and a home with clutter is in need of our help... Which home do you live in? And, be very honest with yourself because it's really your life that could use the change. Stay tune for tips to come for organizing your space. This is organizing with Style by Constantine....SMOOOOOOOCHES!!!!!

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