Thursday, February 24, 2011

Learn How To Dress Your Body Type

What's Your BODY TYPE?

Who said it was okay for women to dress their bodies any kind of way...  As a woman I really hate for other women not to look and dress their best.  It doesn't matter if you have movie star money or housewife money you can still dress your best everyday of the week.  The first thing you need to know is your body type,  because without that information you will never dress correctly.  

Their are 4 body types and you will fall into one of these groups...  

  • APPLE SHAPE:  This woman has slim legs and thighs, her abdomen & chest look out of proportion compared to the rest of her body.  Fat is mainly distributed in the abs, chest and face.
  • BANANA OR STRAIGHT SHAPE:  This woman's waist is less than 9 inches smaller than than her hips & bust.  Fat is distributed in the abs, buttocks, chest and face.  This will create that ruler shaped body.
  • PEAR OR SPOON SHAPE:  The woman with this body type will have a large rear, robust thighs and a small bosom area.  Fat tends to be in different areas such as her buttocks, hips and thighs. 
  • HOURGLASS SHAPE:  This woman's hips and bust are almost equal in size with a really small waistline.  Fat tends to be in her upper and lower body parts.
So, my question to you ladies is "which one are you?"

If you want to know how to dress your body type correctly let me know by placing all you questions in the comment area of this blog.  I can't wait to talk with you about your body type and your style...

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