Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eye Lashes

Ladies, the fashion statement for this season is eye lashes.  It great to be able to enhance your beauty with something as small as lashes.  But, you must know how to wear the lashes.  They must fit your face and look as natural as possible.  As ladies we love looking and feeling great about our appearance and that's fine.  But, when you are getting your eye lashes done "stop stop and again I say stop" getting them put on so long that it looks like you have wings on you face.  It's not fashion when you look like you've just been attacked by a chicken or you've  busted open your pillow and you still have the feathers on your eyes. Or you have them so thick that it feels like you are lifting weights when you open your eyes.  Ladies, you can wear feathers on your shoes or even in your hair but not on your eye that's just a fashion mess.  So, remember less is more when don't know what to do.  It's better to make a statement by under stating your lashes  than to look like you're a clown at the county fair.  Take a look at the correct way to wear lashes and the incorrect way to wear lashes below: 
Totally applied Incorrect


Totally applied Correctly
 Now, that you have seen the correct and incorrect way to wear lashes check yours and if they don't look natural fit them.  All comments are welcome...

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